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  • Extra virgin olive oil solely produced with the variety 'farga' and from trees that are rated as 1000 years old.

    The territory Senia is home to the highest concentration of millennium olive trees in the world. These monuments are located within 27 municipalities belonging to three different regions: Valencia, Aragon and Catalonia. The village of La Jana (Castellon) has 938 of these monumental trees, becoming the municipality with the largest concentration of these millenary trees. Walking throughout its countryside the visitant can find millennium olive trees mixed with the landscape and with the remaining of ibers and romans settlements and crossing the so called 'Via Augusta'.

    TASTE NOTE: golden green oil, fruity aroma with a high intensity green type, the taste is well balanced between spicy and sweet, while the slight bitterness and astringency is light, enhancing the sense of balance. Oil with secondary aromas of grass (very clear) with hints of artichoke, green almonds and walnuts. The assembly is aromatic and balanced. 100% natural and recognized beneficial health effects.