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  • Os "ORGANIC"
  • Extra virgin olive oil of superior quality and produced following the Organic Production Process and using only 'Arbequina' olives from PDO Siurana. All production processes are controlled by the Catalan Council of Organic Products (CCPA). In order to offer our customers an oil of these quality characteristics and denomination of origin, Olis Singulars has sought collaboration with other producers in the region of Montsant giving this oil unique personality.
    Our trees, mostly centenary trees, are located in areas where machines have difficulties, small family farms worked by experts who bring their fruit, olives, carefully collected and transported up to the mill. Technological advances and new facilities allow obtaining an excellent extra virgin olive oil and that its characteristics do not degrade over time. The entire production process is carefully controlled and the entire machinery, storage tanks, pipelines, etc.. is made of materials that ensure maximum product quality. At present, we produce annually about 200,000 kg. from which 100.000kg are from certified organic farming estates.

    NOTE OF TASTE: intense fruity flavor green type, bitter and spicy aftertaste. Although it has a certain level of sweetness, is hidden by the astringency and bitterness presented. Secondary aromas of green type (grass very clear, but almendruco and artichoke with hints of tomato and green banana). The overall feeling is of very intense and aromatic oil. It is worthy to excel the intensity and richness of fruity overtones clearly explaining plant posing in mouth. It is excellent olive oil.

    This oil is 100% natural and recognized beneficial health effects.
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